Fashion In Music: Rick Ross Parked His $28,000,000 Gulfstream Private Jet Next To Donald Trump Boeing Jet

Fashion In Music: Rick Ross Parked His $28,000,000 Gulfstream Private Next To Former President Donald Trump’s $100,000,000 Boeing Private Jet.

American music sensational and rap megastar Rick Ross is trending for a good reason, in the latest fashion in music the hip-hop star parked his $28,000,000 Gulfstream private jet next to that of former President Donald Trump’s Boeing private jet that costs $100,000,000.

The rap Crocodile Rick Ross is known for his extraordinary and expensive lifestyle, owning a private jet that costs not less than $28,000,000 is not for the baby teeth in the game of rap music.

Rick Ross as a great businessman and rap artist is not shy to spend millions of cash on luxurious things such as private jets, Diamond Watches, and expensive brand outfits.

Latest fashion in music, this lovely picture shows big men moving with big men and It also shows two hardworking great businessmen with millions of cash in one picture. Kindly look at the pictures below and remember to share them with friends.

Rick Ross And Trump Private Jet
Rick Ross $28’000,000 Gulfstream Private Jet
Donald Trump $100,000,000 Boeing Private Jet
Rap Sensational Rick Ross
Former President Donald Trump Inside His Private Jet

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